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The Milwaukee Bucks have endured a nightmarish season and are simply hoping to ride out the final two weeks


The Milwaukee Bucks have endured a nightmarish season and are simply hoping to ride out the final two weeks. However, as a 10-point underdog tonight at Washington, over 80% of Bettors believe they are a strong play ATS.

Remember when Ray Allen, Sam Cassell and Glen "Big Dog" Robinson were all on a very good Milwaukee team? In those days, they were regular visitors to the postseason and had a legitimate opportunity to get to the NBA Finals in 2001. Now the Bucks are about as relevant as Laverne and Shirley. For any one under the age of 25, this is going to seem really hard to believe and for those older, this is probably a forgotten fact. When 1990-91 NBA basketball season started, the Milwaukee franchise had the third highest winning percentage in the NBA, trailing only the Lakers and Boston. My how things have changed.

The Bucks today are much like the housing market. They are a hallow entity, with little substance. The face of the franchise, Michael Redd is nothing more than a jump shooter, with little interest in defense. He would seem to be a good fit on a contender looking for a shooter off the bench, not a player in a lead role. Andrew Bogut was the number one selection in the 2005 draft and has become a serviceable center. He was considered the top player that year, thus Milwaukee can't be faulted for drafting him, yet his name is never mentioned among the top 10 centers in the league, which is not what one might expect from a number one selection. Yi Jianlian is highly regarded as a top level performer, yet his first year in the league has shown more potential than results.

The rest of the Milwaukee roster consists of players more interested in minutes and points, then the team actually winning, thus owner Herb Kohl not extending GM Larry Harris's contract was only a surprise to Harris. On the subject of Larry's, head coach Krystkowiak was brought in to add toughness, just like when he played in Brew Town. The only thing tough about Milwaukee is watching them play, as Krystkowiak is probably out when new GM is brought in.

This time of year, talk surrounds several teams that might be tanking. Here we find teams that have given up and can't wait to get away from the coach, other teammates or any other number of different reasons. Everyone is familiar with most of the horrific clubs in the NBA like Miami, New York, Memphis and Seattle, yet for wagering purposes the Bucks provide among the best bang for the buck (intentional play on words) in Play Against situations.

Since Feb.26, when Milwaukee had just there fourth winning streak of two games or more, they have become among the league's best values to bet against. As of the end of February, they are 3-13 straight up, including an April fool's win over New York. In that time, they have covered the spread only five times. Don't look for this team to get in a defensive stance any time soon either, they are 29th in a 30-team league in defensive field goal percentage, just tenth's of points ahead of Memphis.

Tonight, less than Milwaukee's finest travels to Washington, who has played a good portion of the schedule without its two of its top scorers and still will make the playoffs. The Bucks are 6-30 on the road, with 14-22 ATS record. To explain how sorry they are in a visitor's uniform, more then half the Bucks losses have been by double digits (17). The Bucks are 2-10 ATS in last dozen against teams in there conference. has them as 10-point underdogs in our nation's capital and why not since they are 1-6 ATS in last seven road encounters.

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